Kaolin Group’s plant is located in Atlantis, an industrial area strategically chosen for its central positioning between our Kaolin deposit in Hopefield and the harbours of both Cape Town and Saldanha Bay, making logistics and transport as efficient as possible.

The factory, which stands on 15.000m² of industrial land, houses:

  1. Patented Flash Calcination plant

Our patented flash calcination plant produces Metakaolin of the highest-possible level of reactivity and purity. Our production capacity, the expansion of which we plan to implement as we grow, currently lies at 350 metric tons per month.

  1. Laboratory

Testing, quality control and product evaluation is ensured through our extensive in-house laboratory. We are equipped for:

  • Light microscopy, polarised light analysis;
  • Laser particle size analysis (0,05µm – 2000µm range);
  • Moisture content analysis;
  • Injection-moulding with a complete set of ISO test standard moulds for shooting test specimens for polymer analysis;
  • Flammability testing (glow wire testing);
  • Absolute moisture metering through Karl Fischer Titrator;
  • Melt Flow Index / Relative viscosity testing / Intrinsic viscosity testing;
  • Filler content test / ash content test;
  • Tensile testing (Tensile strength & Flexural Modulus);
  • Charpy testing (Impact strength / IZOD);
  • Hardness testing (Shore A & D);
  • Colorimetry (colour analysis);
  • Vicat Softening / Heat deflection tests;
  • DSC (polymer/compound composition); and
  • Heat agency test.

Other analysis and tests, such as reactivity tests, chemical, mineralogical and thermogravimetric analyses are carried out at accredited laboratories affiliated to our own.

  1. Research & Development Facility

We have a dedicated and fully equipped research & development department, with testing facilities including a small-scale calcination setup, rotary dryer unit, curing rooms, and workshop space, where new products and product applications are being developed.

We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers for their product specific needs, including feasibility studies, product development, formulations, and full laboratory analysis and testing.