Testing, quality control and product evaluation is ensured through our extensive in-house laboratory.
We are equipped for:

  • Light microscopy, polarised light analysis;
  • laser particle size analysis (0,05µm – 2000µm range);
  • moisture content analysis;
  • injection-moulding with a complete set of ISO test standard moulds for shooting test specimens for polymer analysis;
  • flammability testing (glow-wire testing);
  • absolute moisture metering through Karl-Fischer titrator;
  • MFI (Melt-Flow Index) / relative viscosity testing / intrinsic viscosity testing;
  • filler content test / ash content test;
  • tensile testing (tensile strength and flexural modulus);
  • Charpy testing (impact strength / IZOD);
  • hardness testing (Shore A & D);
  • colorimetry (colour analysis);
  • Vicat softening / heat deflection tests;
  • DSC (polymer/compound composition); and
  • heat agency test.

Other analyses and tests – reactivity tests, chemical, mineralogical and thermogravimetric analyses – are carried out at accredited laboratories affiliated to our own.