We offer toll manufacturing services, where base polymers, fillers and additives are converted to a finished compound to exact specifications of our clients. All production runs are subject to ongoing quality control and full laboratory analysis. Full batch traceability and consistent product quality are guaranteed to our customers.


Fully analytical laboratory services are offered to our customers, who wish to test and/or evaluate their polymer products and raw materials. We are one of very few facilities able to offer testing to strict international test standards. Our lab is equipped with a range of ISO test moulds for our Engel injection moulder to ensure all tests are compliant with these test standards.

Please send us your enquiry for laboratory test work and we will gladly assist you.


We offer our customers a full development service, which encompasses everything from the development of the compound formulation to trial production runs and full laboratory analysis of the compound and/or finished products.

Please send us your requirements for development work and we will contact you for this project.


We offer a comprehensive research and development service. From conception of the product, we can assist you with the development to a fully marketable product by taking the process from product feasibility studies, to testing, prototyping and trial production runs. Finally, we will assist with certifications and production setup, offering you a turn-key approach to all your development needs.

Please send us your requirements and we will contact you to make arrangements to initiate this process.